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Donation to William Way Food Program

GOAL recently made a donation of shelving racks and wagons to the food program of the William Way Center at the John C. Anderson Apartments in Philadelphia. With these racks in place, the dedicated staff and volunteers can now more efficiently store and organize donated food items, making it easier to do this important work, and allowing the William Way Center to continue to deliver on its mission of engaging and supporting the diverse LGBTQIA+ communities in the greater Philadelphia area through empowerment, and community connections.

"This donation reflects GOAL's mission and commitment to community outreach and support," said Nicholas Tees, Acting President. "We couldn't think of a better group to help support than the those living at the John C. Anderson Apartments. By providing these items, we hope to make the regular tasks a little easier for the dedicated volunteers of the food program, enabling them to continue to deliver on their critical mission."

If you'd like to learn more about the William Way Center, please click here. Information about the John C. Anderson Apartments can be found here.

Pictures of volunteers and staff utilizing the new equipment donation

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