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May 2022 Meeting Minutes

Ed Callahan

May 16, 2022

GOAL member meeting minutes


1. Guest – Leslie Morant

a. intro

b. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

c. Meeting with Affinity Groups

d. Discussed scheduling future meetings with Leslie to discuss LGBTQ issues in dept

2. Treasury - Dave

a. 12921.83 down to 12676.47

b. Expenses – Breakfast/Dinner/Gas for Dante’s DC honor

c. 4-19 out 200 to survivor’s benefit

d. In 120 from Eventbrite – Pride Night

3. LGBT Fallen Heroes fund– Nick

a. Should we do an annual donation? No objections

4. Philly Pride - Nick

a. 6-5-2022

b. Working plainclothes ? Approved by Cram/Love-Craighead

c. Jo notes concerns about plainclothes by untrained P/Os, makes GOAL/Officers liable?

5. Police advisory commission – Nick

a. 6p-7:30p, via ZOOM, questions provided prior

6. Survivor’s Benefit, this Saturday, FOP

7. DVLF – Scholarship or Grant/benefit for Dante

8. PFD – Colleen

a. Recruit training has been reduced to a powerpoint

9. Phillies Pride Night – Nick

a. Mission BBQ

b. AT&T to donate 300, attend tailgate


d. Taligate at 4p instead of 5, same lot

10. June meeting, discuss Phillies Pride

11. Jo asked what came of previous complaint about trans individuals misgendered during car stop? Reviewed and unfounded

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