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July 2022 Meeting Minutes

Ed Callahan

Jul 18, 2022

GOAL member meeting minutes


1. Prior Minutes - Jo – prior minutes reading (minutes unavailable, left at work) primarily discussed Phillies

2. Treasury – Dave 14279.77

a. Phillies, up 670

b. Mission down 1400

c. AT&T up 300

d. Dante benefit up 300

e. Tablecloth down 127

f. Taxes are filed

g. Nick adds Fraud was caught on credit card, addressed and rectified

3. William Way Block party – Nick

a. Dummy – tourniquet

b. Narcan

c. CPR

d. 500 donation to William Way

e. Flyers for PPD, recruitment, PFD, and others requested

4. Phillies Pride Night – recap

a. Rob – need a better clean up crew

b. Jo – Portajohns? Larger Tent?

c. Benson – adjust time of food service?

d. Colleen – 50/50 raised 435 for GOAL

e. Jax – Tents, we gave one to Mission and one to AT&T

f. Vic – it was good

g. Scott – IT went well

h. Beers – Sheed and Benson, Seltzers went best, then Sam Adams, request for domestic standards (Lite, etc)

5. Website – Ed and Craig Hall

a. Website – Craig presents the site, 27/month for domain and site, Craig would cover first 2 years

b. Dave – App? (in short, yes)

c. Ed – Next step is buy domain and host

d. Nick calls for a vote, unanimous Yes

6. ByLaws – Ed

a. J. Lovitz abstained during election campaign, has since reviewed them, provided necessary corrections

b. Process – Send out copies July and August, ratify by vote in September

c. Nick – moving forward with this timeline, elections for general board positions in Feb 2023

7. Nick wrap up

a. After 2 years, website will cost 324 Annually

b. Next month – work on preparing for the drag brunch in November

c. Possibly volunteer opportunities, 10/16 AIDS walk?

8. Vic – “While working 7/16, new PPD officers at Woodys expressed interest in attending in person GOAL meetings, social events, Nick suggests forming a “Social committee”, and meeting every other month, or possibly quarterly? Aim for an event or happy hour late Sept or very early October

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