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June 2022 Meeting Minutes

Ed Callahan

Jun 20, 2022

GOAL member meeting minutes


1. Treasury – Dave 14k

a. Phillies, showing 2700 before paying for tickets/etc

b. Mission down 1400

c. Total as of today 13,689

d. Dante benefit up 600 going in 6-21

2. Drag Brunch– Nick

a. 11/13 at FOP

b. Chinese Auction, Amy Badey, Amber Kee

c. Baskets – Anne and Jo

d. 500 donation to William Way

e. Flyers for PPD, recruitment, PFD, and others requested

3. AIDS walk – Nick

a. 10/16 – volunteer opportunity

4. DVLF – Nick

a. Still awaiting information, conversations are ongoing

5. William Way – Nick

a. Possible hosting a breakfast/lunch for older members

6. Leslie Morant wants GOAL demands by July meeting!

7. William Way Block Party

a. 7/23, Saturday, 5p-7p

b. CPR, Fireboard?

8. Phillies Pride Night

a. 6/28

b. 102 tailgates sold, 91 game tickets

c. Coolers – meet at 1:45P on State Road for Ice

d. M Lot, same as last year

e. 3P – set up – needs – Flags and poles, Pop Ups, tables, Zip Ties

f. AT&T is setting up at tent

g. Anne and Jo handling tickets through Eventbrite, hand off to Sheed/Rob when we go in


9. Pridecast – Rob

a. Podcast wants to talk about LGBTQ policing

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